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How HCR Solution Helped me

My ability to walk had decreased over time causing increased stress, loss of confidence and fear of falling. I needed professional help to improve my quality of life and a call to HCR Solutions resulted in regular Treatments in my own home.

An assessment provided education and reassurance. As treatment progressed, goals changed which helped me to realize the extent of my progress.
Walking was a primary goal. My therapist gradually corrected my walking so that I could manage on surfaces that were difficult and unsafe.

Exercises were demonstrated, taught and expected to be done daily to strengthen muscles in the legs, back, abdomen and improve my balance. It took a change in my attitude to make exercises a part of my daily life in order to gain strength and be energized.

HCR Solution therapists are professionally skilled. In my experience they all dedicated to the well being of their clients/patients. They are patient, listen to concerns, are encouraging and always bring positive energy to their treatment sessions.

Claire Beach

Brent Rathgeber

I would like to express my congratulations to HCR Solutions for being nominated in the young Entrpreneur Award of Distinction category by the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce.

I very much appreciate the role that you ,as an entrepreneur, play in building and sustaining our free market economy . I commend you for your accomplishments and contributions, and for your support of community and colleagues.

Congratulations for your outstanding professional achievement and best wishes for the continued success of HCR solutions

Brent Rathgeber

Claude Kenneson

I am writing this testimonial on behalf of my kinesiologist, Mr. Erik Parkin.

I am a seventy-four-year-old Professor Emeritus of the University of Alberta, I have an incurable illness, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS) plus the complication of multi-system atrophy(MSA). When this was finally correctly diagnosed on the 11th of October ,2007, I moved to Miller Crossing Care Centre with the prospect of as little as one month left to live. Fortunately, I still continue to live my life almost two years later.

In my opinion ,this is due to the excellent, insightful medical care given to me by Mr. Parkin of HCR Solutions. We have continued to maintain my mobility with an exercise program as well as a walking program carried out with Mr. Parkin’s assistance three days a week. Through these visits he has revealed to me that this fragment of my life is very remarkable.

I will be in his debt always.

Claude Kenneson


I had a stroke in March of 2013 which led to me falling and a hospital stay. This left me confined to a wheelchair. The doctors told my daughter that I would be unable to ever walk again. We found an advertisement for HCR Solutions, a mobile physical therapy and rehabilitation service, in the Edmonton Seniors magazine and thought that maybe they could work with me to improve my transfers from my bed to my wheel chair and from my wheel chair to the toilet. They came into my home, assessed my condition and have been working with me 5 days a week since that point. I am greatly improved and so happy. My therapist is very good and does a variety of exercises with me to strengthen all the different muscles in my body needed to transfer from place to place. Not only has my transfers improved, but so have my sit to stands and I am so glad that I can now walk again, though with someone walking beside me for safety. I continue to improve with my walking endurance and strength.


C. G.

My father was an obese man that was impossible to convince to do any type of exercise. When my father was hold by his doctor that he needed double hip replacement we thought that this would be an impossible task. Not only did he need to lose 75 pounds before his hip replacement but we also knew that it would be a long hard rehabilitation process after his hip replacements. After looking into a number of options that involved him committing to getting himself to a facility to train prior to his operations in order to lose weight we found information on HCR Solutions. HCR Solutions was a perfect solution to our problem as there team came into my father’s home, assessed his physical capabilities and then continued to work with him within his home.  With HCR Solutions team helping my father he was able to lose the initial weight needed to get approved for his hip surgeries.

The help did not end there. Once my father was out of his transitional unit the HCR Solutions team assessed him in his home again and worked with him throughout the long recovery after both of his hip surgeries. They continued to work with him on a less regular basis of once per week even after he had mostly recovered from his hip replacements to help him to maintain his fitness level and mobility. Not only were the professional therapists that helped my father knowledgeable in their field but they were caring and sincerely concerned with my fathers care. We are very appreciative for the work that they did with my father and would recommend their services to anyone concerned with their own or their parents condition.

C. G.

Arthe Guimond

On August 12th 2005, I underwent an emergency operation for an abdominal aortic aneurism, in Grand Prairie, AB. After this operation, I remained for 15 days in a comatic sleep. At that point, the surgeon that had operated on me told my relatives to prepare for a funeral. Yet, God knows how, I awoke. My first question to the surgeon was: ”Will I walk again, ?” He emphatically answered: “No”.

On October 21th, I was brought to the Glen Rose rehabilitation Center in Edmonton. On February 8th I moved to Foyer Lacombe, a retirement home for priests in St. Albert. By that time, I was still unable to go to the washroom or walk by myself.

It was then introduced to Eric Parkin, a young man, who was just starting his own business as a kinesiologist. As a matter of fact, I was his first customer. Presently he deals with a number of people in Saint Albert, Edmontan and surrounding communities.

As for myself, thanks to Erik’s competent and preserving services I can presently walk for fairly long distances with the help of a walker and even with canes. I presently look forward for further progress.

I might add that with Erik’s volunteered assistance I was able to attend a ceremony in Grande Priarie, AB which I was the guest of honour. Which I myself felt to be an impossible venture!

With this in mind I gladly support Erik’s candidature for an award as a successful young business entrepreneur.

Arthe Guimond

W.C. (Bill) Bell

I understand that Mr. Eric Parkin, Home Care Rehabilitation (HCR) Solutions , has been nominated for a Young Entrepreneur Award. I have been asked to share, with the Nominating Committee, foyer lacombe’s experience related to who Eric is as a person and as a business owner.

Eric is professional, accountable and reliable. He achieves excellent results in providing services for our residents. Without exception, residents, who are referred for Eric’s advice and care, look forward to the days when he will be on site . They know that he is helping them to improve their mobility and their quality-of-life…and they immensely enjoy the opportunity to spend time with him.

Eric exhibits an attitude of “think positive” and “together, we can do it”. His approach goes a long way to affirming our aging and frail residents so they have the stamina and determination required to deal with the challenges of their life condition. For Foyer Lacombe and, I suspect, for many supportive living facilities and seniors living facilities and seniors living in independent housing, Eric’s business has filled a significant gap in his business and for his customers. There is no doubt about that.

Eric is a team player and is highly respected by the members of our care team.

The staff and residents of foyer Lacombe are highly supportive of Eric’s nomination for this prestigious award.

W.C. (Bill) Bell
Foyer Lacombe