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Erik Parkin Comments Off

I understand that Mr. Eric Parkin, Home Care Rehabilitation (HCR) Solutions , has been nominated for a Young Entrepreneur Award. I have been asked to share, with the Nominating Committee, foyer lacombe’s experience related to who Eric is as a person and as a business owner.

Eric is professional, accountable and reliable. He achieves excellent results in providing services for our residents. Without exception, residents, who are referred for Eric’s advice and care, look forward to the days when he will be on site . They know that he is helping them to improve their mobility and their quality-of-life…and they immensely enjoy the opportunity to spend time with him.

Eric exhibits an attitude of “think positive” and “together, we can do it”. His approach goes a long way to affirming our aging and frail residents so they have the stamina and determination required to deal with the challenges of their life condition. For Foyer Lacombe and, I suspect, for many supportive living facilities and seniors living facilities and seniors living in independent housing, Eric’s business has filled a significant gap in his business and for his customers. There is no doubt about that.

Eric is a team player and is highly respected by the members of our care team.

The staff and residents of foyer Lacombe are highly supportive of Eric’s nomination for this prestigious award.