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How HCR Solution Helped me

Erik Parkin Comments Off

My ability to walk had decreased over time causing increased stress, loss of confidence and fear of falling. I needed professional help to improve my quality of life and a call to HCR Solutions resulted in regular Treatments in my own home.

An assessment provided education and reassurance. As treatment progressed, goals changed which helped me to realize the extent of my progress.
Walking was a primary goal. My therapist gradually corrected my walking so that I could manage on surfaces that were difficult and unsafe.

Exercises were demonstrated, taught and expected to be done daily to strengthen muscles in the legs, back, abdomen and improve my balance. It took a change in my attitude to make exercises a part of my daily life in order to gain strength and be energized.

HCR Solution therapists are professionally skilled. In my experience they all dedicated to the well being of their clients/patients. They are patient, listen to concerns, are encouraging and always bring positive energy to their treatment sessions.