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Claude Kenneson

Erik Parkin Comments Off

I am writing this testimonial on behalf of my kinesiologist, Mr. Erik Parkin.

I am a seventy-four-year-old Professor Emeritus of the University of Alberta, I have an incurable illness, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS) plus the complication of multi-system atrophy(MSA). When this was finally correctly diagnosed on the 11th of October ,2007, I moved to Miller Crossing Care Centre with the prospect of as little as one month left to live. Fortunately, I still continue to live my life almost two years later.

In my opinion ,this is due to the excellent, insightful medical care given to me by Mr. Parkin of HCR Solutions. We have continued to maintain my mobility with an exercise program as well as a walking program carried out with Mr. Parkin’s assistance three days a week. Through these visits he has revealed to me that this fragment of my life is very remarkable.

I will be in his debt always.