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Arthe Guimond

Erik Parkin Comments Off

On August 12th 2005, I underwent an emergency operation for an abdominal aortic aneurism, in Grand Prairie, AB. After this operation, I remained for 15 days in a comatic sleep. At that point, the surgeon that had operated on me told my relatives to prepare for a funeral. Yet, God knows how, I awoke. My first question to the surgeon was: ”Will I walk again, ?” He emphatically answered: “No”.

On October 21th, I was brought to the Glen Rose rehabilitation Center in Edmonton. On February 8th I moved to Foyer Lacombe, a retirement home for priests in St. Albert. By that time, I was still unable to go to the washroom or walk by myself.

It was then introduced to Eric Parkin, a young man, who was just starting his own business as a kinesiologist. As a matter of fact, I was his first customer. Presently he deals with a number of people in Saint Albert, Edmontan and surrounding communities.

As for myself, thanks to Erik’s competent and preserving services I can presently walk for fairly long distances with the help of a walker and even with canes. I presently look forward for further progress.

I might add that with Erik’s volunteered assistance I was able to attend a ceremony in Grande Priarie, AB which I was the guest of honour. Which I myself felt to be an impossible venture!

With this in mind I gladly support Erik’s candidature for an award as a successful young business entrepreneur.