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1) My father was an obese man that was impossible to convince to do any type of exercise. When my father was hold by his doctor that he needed double hip replacement we thought that this would be an impossible task. Not only did he need to lose 75 pounds before his hip replacement but we also knew that it would be a long hard rehabilitation process after his hip replacements. After looking into a number of options that involved him committing to getting himself to a facility to train prior to his operations in order to lose weight we found information on HCR Solutions. HCR Solutions was a perfect solution to our problem as there team came into my father’s home, assessed his physical capabilities and then continued to work with him within his home.  With HCR Solutions team helping my father he was able to lose the initial weight needed to get approved for his hip surgeries.

The help did not end there. Once my father was out of his transitional unit the HCR Solutions team assessed him in his home again and worked with him throughout the long recovery after both of his hip surgeries. They continued to work with him on a less regular basis of once per week even after he had mostly recovered from his hip replacements to help him to maintain his fitness level and mobility. Not only were the professional therapists that helped my father knowledgeable in their field but they were caring and sincerely concerned with my fathers care. We are very appreciative for the work that they did with my father and would recommend their services to anyone concerned with their own or their parents condition.

C. G.

2) I had a stroke in March of 2013 which led to me falling and a hospital stay. This left me confined to a wheelchair. The doctors told my daughter that I would be unable to ever walk again. We found an advertisement for HCR Solutions, a mobile physical therapy and rehabilitation service, in the Edmonton Seniors magazine and thought that maybe they could work with me to improve my transfers from my bed to my wheel chair and from my wheel chair to the toilet. They came into my home, assessed my condition and have been working with me 5 days a week since that point. I am greatly improved and so happy. My therapist is very good and does a variety of exercises with me to strengthen all the different muscles in my body needed to transfer from place to place. Not only has my transfers improved, but so have my sit to stands and I am so glad that I can now walk again, though with someone walking beside me for safety. I continue to improve with my walking endurance and strength.