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Kinesio Taping Peroneal Tendon Sublaxtion

What is Peroneal Tendon Subluxation? Peroneals are two muscles and tendons that stretch along the outer edge of your lower leg. Specifically, the peroneal tendons are enclosed in a fibrous tunnel that is attached behind the outside ankle bone. Peroneal Tendon Subluxation occurs when there is damage or injury Read more

Walking or Running: Which is Better?

Walking and running are the most popular physical activities. Both are excellent aerobic exercises. Both help promote weight loss, improve your sleep, elevate your mood, boost your energy levels, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. The debate Walking and running Read more

Treating Compartment Syndrome with Massage Therapy

A compartment is a section within the body that contains muscles, blood vessels and nerves. Anatomical compartments are surrounded by fascia, or fibrous tissue. Compartments are present in all our limbs. The Syndrome Compartment Syndrome is a condition where pressure within one or more of the body's compartments becomes high. Read more

Protect Your Knee From Sports Damage

Sports like football, hockey and tennis require you to run at different speeds, using varying acceleration. Many times, you have to change direction while your foot is placed firmly on the ground. This causes stress to your knees and stretches the ligaments around your knees. Sometimes, this results Read more

5 Olympic Sports That Will Enhance Your Fitness

Sports persons don't just have good bodies. They are also fit and healthy, thanks to the overall strengthening and toning effects of playing sports. If you want more than just a hot bod and be really fit, you need to start playing one of these Olympic sports. 1. Kayaking Read more

All You Need To Know About Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, or PFPS, is a type of knee pain that happens around or under the patella. The patella is the kneecap or the roundish-triangular part that you can feel when you touch your knee in the front. It is also commonly called 'runner's knee' as it Read more

Managing low back pain

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Managing low back painBack pain is a very common problem. The average age for chronic back pain has reduced over the years and it is very common for individuals in their early twenties to complain about lower back pain. Working professionals have to sit in chairs for about 8 hours daily and without correct posture and ergonomics they are bound to have back pain. Investing in your body is equally as important as investing in your retirement plan, so that you can truly enjoy your money. Fight that back pain now with these simple self supervised exercises and tips of prevention.


01. Lumbar extension stretch
To perform this exercise you have to lie on your stomach on a flat surface (use an exercise mat for comfort). Place your arms on the ground, close to your body, with the elbow to palm portion touching the surface. Keep your shoulders back and neck long. Now, start by gently pushing your torso against your elbows and arching your back up. Go as high as comfortable but make sure your pelvis is still in touch with the ground. Hold this position for 10 seconds and return to neutral position gently. Repeat 8-10 times daily.

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4 Common soccer injuries and prevention techniques

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NASL  is about to begin and soccer fever has gripped Canadians. The FC Edmonton team has even gotten Albertans kicked about the new season! The explosive matches encourage a lot of people to take to the field themselves for a round of recreational sports. But you should also be aware that as the sport brings joy, it also brings pain in the form of injuries if proper precautions are not taken. Here is a quick list of most common injuries that might trouble your soccer dreams and prevention techniques to keep them at bay.

1. ACL Tears
The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is located deep within the knee join and is one of the four ligaments responsible to hold the tibia (shin bone) – femur (thigh bone in place) arrangement in place. The injury mostly occurs when a player land s with a sudden shock, putting undue pressure on his knees. Rapid twisting movements or sudden deceleration might also cause the injury. Though the injury is mostly caused in non-contact situations, slide tackles in soccer might be responsible in the tear.

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Common Running injuries and Prevention Tips

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Running injuries are something we don’t pay much attention to as they tend to heal with a little rest. But, these regular looking injuries could gradually progress into a major health issue which will hamper your mobility. Nearly half of the running population suffers from some type of running related knee injury according to this study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.Running is one of the core exercises that many people do but before you go out there for your run you should take all the necessary precautions to avoid injury as much as possible. Read this list of common running injuries and necessary precautions to avoid them before you hit the trails.

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